CYCU EE-617R/407L

Network Systems Design

    • Course Objectives

Emerging network packet processing applications are shifting from routing and traffic management to those requiring inspection and modification of packet contents. Examples include content-based billing and quality of service, layer-7 switching, and network security. The requirement to process every byte of a packet exceeds the already-substantial processing capabilities of high-speed networking equipment.

Network processors (NPs) are application-specific processors that are optimized to bridge the gap between ASIC performance and the programmability of general-purpose processors. Most current NPs employ multiple optimized cores, operating independently in MIMD (Multiple Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream) fashion, usually with multiple threads per processor to hide latency to memory.

In this course, we are going to cover the network sytems design and architecture exploration of the network processor.

      • Upon finishing this course, students will be able to

        • Understand the major hardware/software architecture for packet processing.

        • Gain the concepts of network systems design by using Network Processor

        • Understand the Network Processor technology and operations.

    • Lecture Time & Place:

Tuesday 14:10~17:00 PM


    • Office Hour:

電學507, Tuesday, 13:10~14:00PM

    • Textbook

      • Network Systems Design Using Network Processors (IXP2xxx Version) by Douglas Comer

    • Prerequisites

      • Students are recommended to have basic knowledge of C programming language, microprocessor architectures, and computer networks.

    • Course Schedule

    • Grading

Reading List

    • Network Processors

    • IP

    • Router & Switch Architectures

    • Network Measurement

    • NIDS

Backtracking Algorithmic Complexity Attacks Against a NIDS, Randy Smith, Cristian Estan, Somesh Jha, ACSAC, December 2006

    • TCP Splicing

Beyond the Network Layer: NP-Based TCP Offloading via TCP Splicing,

"SpliceNP: a TCP splicer using a network processor" ANCS '05: Proceedings of the 2005 symposium on Architecture for networking and communications systems, Li Zhao and Yan Luo and Laxmi Bhuyan and Ravi Iyer

    • Content Awared Switch

A Network Processor-Based, Content-Aware Switch, Li Zhao, Yan Luo, Bhuyan, L.N., Iyer, R. University of California, Riverside;IEEE Micro, May-June 2006